Before Joining SEAL

1What is SEAL?
The Sensors, Energy, and Automation Laboratory (SEAL) of the Department of Electrical Engineering is directed by Professor Alexander Mamishev. SEAL conducts research in a variety of areas, including medical device design, consumer products, energy efficiency, security applications, non-destructive testing, and transportation. SEAL is a distributed matrix organization and uses principles of Scrum and JIT.
2Where is the lab located?
The SEAL lab is at 059, the upper basement of EE building. Our office room is 215L in EE building and we also use a variety of other resources and labs on campus, as needed by projects.
3What are the benefits of joining SEAL?
Students are eligible to receive research credits (EE 490 or EE 499). We also actively guide our students in the processes of grant and scholarship applications, awards, and business contests. Students are entitled to receive recommendation letters and job-search assistance from lab director unless performance was unsatisfactory.
4What do we expect from our students?
Students at SEAL are expected to participate in lab projects, team meet-ups, pursue scholarship opportunities, business plan competitions, grant writing, and other activities designed to foster student growth, productive research, and technology commercialization. We do not require students to be physically present in the lab for all the work, some work can be done off-campus.
5Under what conditions are you advised not to join research?
The most common reason for students to fail in research is improper time management between research, courses, and/or outside work. In that case, students should focus on classes as less damage is done to the research project and their grades. Lack of focus or communication can result in failure in research, so be sure to discuss with mentors, experienced students, and allocating enough time for lab projects. Finally, lack of discipline will result in immediate removal of students.
6How to apply to SEAL?
We are open for applications three times a year: before Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters start. For details regarding current opening and the application process, please refer to the ApplytoSEAL page.